money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover

Money heist korea about netflixs new crossover

Money heist korea about netflixs new crossover

From left: Jun Jong-search engine optimization as Tokyo, Lee Hyun-woo as Rio, Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi, Park Hae-soo as Berlin, Lee Won-jong as Moscow and Kim Ji-hun as Denver in “Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area.” (Jung Jaegu/Netflix)

“Money Heist” (additionally acknowledged as “La Casa de Papel”) thrived on Netflix after a short-lived stint on Spanish TV, and the platform quick capitalized at the hype with a documentary titled “Money Heist: The Phenomenon.” When the display ended its five-season run remaining year, Netflix positioned out every other documentary, “Money Heist: From Tokyo to Berlin,” providing the actors and group discussing the give up of the liked collection.

But that became now no longer honestly the give up of “Money Heist,” which takes on new existence, but again, with the newly released

“Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area.”

“Money Heist: Korea” is extra crossover than spinoff: The collection remains real to the authentic plot, wherein a mysterious crook mastermind recruits a band of thieves to assist him pull off a bold heist at Spain`s country wide mint. But the brand new new release manages to experience like a distinctive display, due to the fact it`s unique to its setting — and really a lot a K-drama. Here is the entirety you want to recognize approximately “Money Heist: Korea.”

`Money Heist` flopped on Spanish TV. On Netflix, it have become a international phenomenon.

There are a variety of acquainted names and faces
Fans of the authentic “Money Heist” recognize that the Professor`s recruits use worldwide town names to cover their identities from each other for the duration of their crook exploits. The characters in “Money Heist: Korea” use the equal monikers. As withinside the authentic, the Professor (Yoo Ji-tae) first hyperlinks up with the collection narrator, Tokyo (Jun Jong-search engine optimization), as she attempts to elude government withinside the aftermath of a crime. Rounding out the crew are Berlin (Park Hae-soo), Moscow (Lee Won-jong), Denver (Kim Ji-hun), Rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Nairobi (Jang Yoon-ju), Helsinki (Kim Ji-hoon) and Oslo (Lee Kyu-ho).

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The first episode`s setup is essentially the equal: The thieves take over the Mint even as excessive faculty students — which include the daughter of a specially excessive-profile discern — are visiting the building. And the hostages are pressured to get dressed as their captors to throw off police.

The characters additionally preserve a few bodily and persona parallels with their “Casa de Papel” counterparts: Tokyo rocks a blunt bob like none different. (Okay, perhaps one different.) Moscow, husky and bearded, is regularly visible looking to calm his hotheaded, good-looking son, Denver. Rio is a candy goofball. Nairobi does some thing she wants. And Berlin — who may be right away recognizable to “Squid Game” fans — isn’t always to be messed with.

Kim Yunjin takes at the position of Seon Woojin, the police negotiator who attempts to discern out what the Professor and his crew want, unaware that she is towards him than she should ever imagine. On pinnacle of the audacious crime she hopes to solve, Woojin (like Raquel Murillo earlier than her) additionally faces sexism at the job, at which she is decidedly higher than all the guys round her.

It`s culturally unique

“Money Heist: Korea” is subtitled “Joint Economic Area” due to the fact the collection takes area in a near-destiny that reveals North Korea and South Korea at the cusp of reunification. The Mint is placed withinside the JEA, giving each Koreas jurisdiction over the crime scene. And due to the fact the Professor faucets criminals from each facets of the border — Tokyo is some of the North Koreans handpicked for the heist — “Money Heist: Korea” joins different K-dramas, which include “Squid Game” and “Crash Landing on You,” in providing an extraordinary window into existence withinside the totalitarian dictatorship.


“La Casa de Papel” starts offevolved with Tokyo at the lam following a financial institution robbery. But on this version, Tokyo — a former soldier withinside the North Korean army — descends right into a existence of crime after being taken gain of and pressured to guard herself. When the Professor asks his challenge pressure to select nicknames, “Tokyo” doesn`t pass unnoticed. When Rio asks why she chose “Tokyo of all names,” she replies, “Because we`re going to do a awful thing,” an obvious connection with Japan`s colonization of the Korean Peninsula.

Viewers may even note that despite the fact that the thieves put on pink jumpsuits just like the characters in “Casa de Papel,” they don`t game the equal Salvador Dalí masks. Instead, they put on conventional Hahoe masks.

money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover
money heist korea what to know about netflixs new crossover

It`s extra fast-paced

When Netflix picked up “La Casa de Papel,” the streamer made adjustments, slicing the 15-episode first season into 22 installments, cut up among seasons. “Money Heist: Korea” released with simply six episodes and, as a result, receives to the characters` backstories a lot extra quick. And, not like withinside the authentic “Money Heist,” in which the Professor purposely bumps into Raquel (Itziar Ituño) withinside the 1/3 episode, the Professor and Woojin recognize every different from the beginning.

It will likely be very famous Money heist korea about netflixs new crossover

“Money Heist” has lengthy ranked as certainly considered one among Netflix`s maximum famous titles. And K-dramas — at the side of non-English Futuretransaction titles, in general — have flourished on Netflix and different streaming services. We won`t be amazed to see “Money Heist: Korea — JEA” atop Netflix`s international TV chart subsequent week.

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