Các hot blogger việt nam

Các hot blogger việt nam

Các hot blogger việt nam Dieu Linh is the proprietor of The Make.A.Holic. With ardour and love for cosmetics, make-up Linh created this weblog with the reason of sharing her reviews. Based at the enjoy of the usage of the product, Linh writes targeted critiques in conjunction with as many photographs as viable and posts them at the weblog.

The proprietor of this weblog is Nguyen Hahn Mai.

Originally a fan page focusing on sharing splendor reviews on Facebook, Mailovesbeauty now owns its very own internet site with quite a few splendor objects from pores and skin care, frame care, make-up, splendor pointers or even style. very own manner of existence. If you need to domesticate a popular understanding of the splendor world, that is the proper internet site for you.

Trinh Pham is likewise a quite well-known call with inside the splendor blogger world. Initially, Trinh best centered on make-up and splendor, however the content material on her youtube channel is now increasingly various, together with clips approximately fashion, existence style, ornamental arts… now has greater than followers.

Pretty.Much become based in with the aid of using Phuong Ly.

Changmakeup or Ngo Quynh Trang is a famous Beauty blogger on social networks, no splendor-loving lady is blind to her. With a lovely face, near and pleasant personality, her channel is regularly recognize to many younger human beings. She is well-known for her divine lipstick swatch motion pictures.

Coming to her weblog you’ll observe her love for cosmetics and splendor. After simply experiencing the cosmetics, she can be able to provide her fine judgment approximately it. Her weblog has helped many women on the way to well follow make-up and pores and skin care.

The skin care Junkie Các hot blogger việt nam

The proprietor of The skin care Junkie is Nhi Ngo. Nhi Ngo possesses tremendous and really clinical understanding approximately pores and skin care techniques and products, so her weblog is a prestigious deal with for women once they want pores and skin advice. The skin care Junkie does now no longer own glowing polished images, however in go back is cautious and clean in showing elements in pores and skin care products.

Not best is a well-known warm lady,

Quynh Anh Shyn is likewise a splendor blogger. She is constantly inquisitive about the web community, so her make-up coaching clips additionally grow to be extraordinarily warm. Being each a blogger and a movie star creates loads of self assurance in the goods she critiques.

Primmy Truong Các hot blogger việt nam

Primmy Truong`s actual call is Truong Minh Xuan Thao. Not as difficult on motion pictures as different Beauty Bloggers, Primmy makes a speciality of targeted articles published on her internet site. Articles with extraordinarily various subjects from make-up, skin care, lipstick review, cosmetics …. It will actually be an area that offers loads of beneficial splendor understanding.

Love at the beginning shine Các hot blogger việt nam

Love at the beginning shine become created with the aid of using very specific women Vu Kieu Loan and Hoang Ngoc Diep. At their Facebook Fanpage in addition to their weblog, the 2 of them shared their wealthy enjoy and understanding in cosmetics and splendor, together with critiques of latest cosmetics, make-up gear and equipment. It may be stated that Love at the beginning shine is the relied on location of many women.

Chole Nguyen’s actual call is Quynh Anh.

She is a latest up and coming splendor blogger however already has a massive following. Her lovely doll-like face is undeniably what attracts human beings to her channel. Her motion futuretransaction  pictures are specially approximately make-up and product critiques.

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