a new suitor for the abandoned wife chapter 1

A new suitor for the abandoned wife chapter 1

A new suitor for the abandoned wife chapter 1

This became precisely what they desired to hear. A mystery lair wherein Rong Bailun did now no longer permit every body to input, now no longer even his on the spot own circle of relatives. It might be meaningless if every body should input the basement. A new suitor for the abandoned wife chapter 1

The extra Rong Bailun limited an area, the extra it supposed that there has been some thing unique there. This became precisely what Jordan and Shaun had been searching for!

Jordan and Shaun checked out every different in anticipation. Shaun obviously did now no longer at once comply with permit Jordan excursion the place. If he did, he might be behaving off-character.

`You generally don`t permit your on the spot own circle of relatives to input, however you`re all at once so beneficiant as to permit an interloper in today?`

As Rong Bailun`s spouse, how should she now no longer suspect him?

Shaun additionally got here over and patted Jordan`s shoulder.

“Deity Jordan, my spouse is right. The basement is my personal space. Actually, there`s not anything there. It`s simply a number of my private assets. There`s not anything to see, haha.”

Jordan joked. “Could or not it’s that Chairman Rong is hiding a mistress withinside the basement?”

Shaun and Ming La laughed.

Ming La smiled. “If that`s the case, I`ll must ask Deity Jordan to uphold justice for me. By the way, dinner is ready. Mr. Jordan, please take a seat.”

In the distance, Lota, who had already taken a seat on the eating table, waved at Jordan. “Jordan, come and take a seat down down. Mrs. Rong has organized a variety of scrumptious food!”

Lota became already ingesting heartily. This lady virtually didn`t keep lower back whilst it got here to food. Compared to the primary time Jordan noticed her, she became a great deal extra voluptuous now. However, whilst she preferred to eat, she became additionally very cautious approximately her figure. Her waist remained exceptionally slender.

The few of them had a pleasing dinner and drank a few wine. Thereafter, they went to their respective rooms for the night.

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Lota desired to live withinside the identical room as Jordan, however he rejected her. Although he had agreed to simply accept Lota, Lauren and Victoria had but to comply with it. Jordan wouldn`t be capable of be with Lota if the 2 of them didn`t supply their approval.

In addition, Jordan and Shaun had some thing crucial to do tonight. It became now no longer appropriate for Jordan to live withinside the identical room as Lota.

At midnight, Jordan saved watching the time anxiously.

`Why hasn`t Shaun come to discover me but?`

Jordan and Shaun did now no longer make a hard and fast appointment, however with their tacit expertise and Shaun`s intelligence, he should simply wager Jordan`s thoughts.

Ming La had already discovered that there has been some thing secretive withinside the basement. Shaun might simply consider bringing Jordan to analyze the basement after all of us fell asleep.

Suddenly, there had been very tender knocks on Jordan`s door.

Before Jordan should answer, Shaun driven the door open and entered.

Jordan stood up and asked, “What took you goodbye? You drank loads simply now. You should have instructed Ming La which you are too inebriated and need to sleep in separate rooms. This way, you could keep away from having an excessive amount of near touch together along with her. She`s the individual that is aware of Rong Bailun the quality and may effortlessly reveal your identity.”

Shaun smiled. “Hehe, I should inform at a look that Ming La is a completely harmless woman. It`s very clean to misinform her. I slept together along with her simply now and attempted to get a few statistics from her. But she doesn`t appear to recognize something approximately what`s at Fort Rong.”

Jordan became very angry. “You`re virtually a beast. Didn`t you bitch in advance that she wasn`t good-searching? But you grew to become round and slept together along with her?

Also, we`ve already analyzed their bed room upstairs. There aren’t anyt any private assets of Rong Bailun withinside the bed room. This method that his spouse doesn`t recognize approximately any of his secrets and techniques.

“His spouse is a completely type character and wouldn`t accept as true with Rong Bailun doing too many volatile and threatening matters. Therefore, Rong Bailun should have saved his center secrets and techniques from his spouse and children.”

Shaun stated, “I recognize that too. However, despite the fact that Ming La isn`t too beautiful, she`s nonetheless the spouse of the primary character withinside the world. With her status, she remains very noble. I actually have to triumph over this kind of noble woman.”

Jordan checked out Shaun in disdain. Shaun got here from a humble background, and his best experience of achievement became conquering the ones noble women.

Jordan stated coldly, “Let`s visit the basement.”

The of them left the room and walked towards the basement. Reaching the basement door, it required “Rong Bailun” for facial reputation and fingerprint verification to input.

After entering, they grew to become at the lighting fixtures withinside the basement and had been surprised.

The basement right here didn`t appear to be an area for wine or storage. Of course, there has been wine as well, however it felt extra like an area for living.

Shaun walked ahead and stroked an vintage motorcycle.

“Hey, look. A Fifties BMW motorcycle, an R50. This is so cool. It`s extraordinary to be rich. In the far off metropolis wherein I grew up, there wasn`t even a bicycle round.”

Jordan became barely surprised. Rong Bailun became approximately forty years vintage. Why might he accumulate a motorbike from the Fifties?

a new suitor for the abandoned wife chapter 1
a new suitor for the abandoned wife chapter 1

Did this fellow want to accumulate antiques?

Jordan and Shaun additionally located a few different matters from the 50s and 60s.

Shaun stated, “I didn`t anticipate Rong Bailun to be so nostalgic. I actually have spied on him for goodbye however in no way observed this. What a miscalculation.”

Jordan walked to a table.

There became a pile of books at the table however Jordan became in no hurry to open them. He had noticed some thing even extra interesting. There became a image body at the table.

The character withinside the image became now no Futuretransaction longer Rong Bailun, however a white-haired vintage guy. Jordan held the square image body in his hand and became a bit puzzled.


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